Wine will split into two

Wine will split into two

     Wine is going to split in two. Let me explain. Much like food you can go to a regular grocery store that caters to conventional goods: Tony the tiger corn flakes, Keebler elf cookies, Breyers Ice cream and the like. Then there is the "clean" grocers that sell, or at least try to sell all organic foods. Foods that have no GMO traces or history. Foods that were grown in real life versus grown in a lab.

     Wine that will feature aluminum bottles and more boxed wine will fill the shelves of most wine sellers. It will be more common to purchase these wines at the same time you're getting your Coke or Pepsi. The other choice will feature actual glass bottles, cork and wine grown in the vineyard with wild yeast and fertilized with manure aged in a cow horn and buried in the vineyard over the winter.

     Countries all over the world are experiencing a glut of wine. So much so that they are tearing out vineyards to deal with the excess. Chile, France, the United States and Australia are pulling out vines, and these are countries that are known to produce the best and most wine in the world. If these countries are having to pull up grapes what will the growing pattern of these wines look like in 5 years? What about ten?

     In Australia, right now they are ripping out millions of vines. The wines there that are affected the most are the cheap reds while the higher end wines are still selling. Globally there is a dwindling wine consumption. In today's economy, much like clothing, the people that drink for show cannot afford their fancy wines and what is left is gobbled up by the hard core wine enthusiasts. The same people that are no longer buying Gucci belts and Polo t shirts are the very same people not buying the Pomerol or high end South Aussie Riesling. 

     An article that came out weeks ago that described what "rich" people actually drive daily were thus. Solid cars that don't appreciate too much. Yes, billionaires drove crazy ass Bugatti's but they also drove Hondas. The same will happen in wine. The wanna be rich will buy the prevalent bulk wine in boxes and the new aluminum cans while the smart money will be buying Super 2nds and lightly known Icon wines like Gantenbein.

     The best course of action is learn as much as you can about wine. Or hire a solid wine monster like me. Your choice. Good luck. 

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