Wine & Cars

Wine & Cars

     Today I'm writing about two of my favorite things: Wine and Cars. It seems that there's a war on both. As of late it seems that a concerted effort is afoot to lessen drinking in general. I'm not sure why this is happening but it is. Articles that lead you to believe that alcohol is "poison" are misleading and lie by omission. I will agree with the CDC that "too much alcohol" or "binge drinking" are problematic, but not moderate drinking. Cars, at least the gas models are also under attack and marketed against.

     In the future I believe that Wine (and food in general) and Cars will diverge in two directions: super clean and not. Wine will be Organic/Biodynamic (grown and made with no man made chemicals) or conventionally grown (with chemicals like glyphosate which has been deemed a carcinogen), and cars/vehicles will likewise do the same. Look at the push for green/clean cars that has happened in the last few years.

     The negative propaganda about wine runs counter to the "science." An article by NewScientist "Analysis of 85 animals reveal which are best at holding their alcohol" shows mammals have a gene named ADH7 which stimulates enzymes called Dehydrogenase 7 that removes alcohol from our bodies. Now why would ADH7 even be in mammals if we weren't suppose to drink alcohol. Turns out the earliest mammals survived on plants and fruits that had fermented and turned to alcohol and drank so often that evolution created the gene ADH7 to do this. We've even seen birds get into the act drinking alcohol from fruit that has dropped and fermented. They fly like they're drunk. Now I don't back this but it's funny to see.

     Is this war on wine and cars about actually helping humanity or is it a form of control? Big brother telling you what to drink and how to move doesn't strike me as wanting to help.

     Also with Wine and Cars the buying of both (while we still can) follow similar patterns. Clips by well known financial gurus point out for example which cars wealthy people really buy. Most millionaires drive regular cars like Toyotas, Fords and Subarus while only 8% buy cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. Much like car buying today, only a few will splurge for high end bottles unless they're bought for investments. A study by the wine conglomerate Constellation identified the group of "Price Driven Consumers" make up 20% (Pareto's law) of wine drinkers and this is growing because of today's economic outlook. But on the flip side you have the Image Seekers at 18% who act like the people that will buy a BMW but live in their mother's basement and can barely put gas in the car.

     It is wonder that we live in a time that we can really choose what we drink rather than be told what to consume. Whether we're talking about wine or cars the best choices are the ones that help us improve out daily condition. Cheers and drink well.

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