Live to 120-Years Old with Wine

Live to 120-Years Old with Wine

  What kind of crazy stuff is this? Live longer by drinking wine? What about all the propaganda now that says wine is bad? Sober October? Dry January? A lot of bologna if you ask me. I am not a doctor, nor do I play one of TV so I’m going to be quoting Richard Baxter MD. Doctor Baxter wrote one of my favorite books called Wine & Health.

     Senescense is described by Baxter as: “the progressive and inevitable deterioration in bodily functions that occurs over the lifespan of a living organism.” Scientists have now isolated the specific genes that program longevity. It happens that many things affect these genes like genetic history and current lifestyle, also known as nature and nurture. One such study known as “90+” tracked a large number of a retirement community in southern California. This community, called Leisure world focused on the lifestyle portion.

     One of the main findings, specifically alcohol consumption, moderate consumption of alcohol and coffee had longer lifespans than those who abstained. Now we must notice that moderate consumption is advised rather than over consuming alcohol. This can be shown in almost everything that is consumed from protein, fat or other carbohydrates. A certain resident Jeanne Calment recorded her life story during this time. Jeanne was 120 years old at this time.

     Another scientific finding was the specific gene INDY (I’m not Dead Yet) found in fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster). Flies with these genes lived 90% longer and were sexually active and still reproducing. Flies not born with this gene had a similar effect when fed resveratrol, the extract found in red and white wine.

     So what the heck is moderate drinking? It depends. Generally it’s two, five ounce glasses of wine. Adjust if you’re smaller than average and have a little more if you’re a person of greater stature than others. Check out the books Wine & Health by Richard Baxter MD and also The History of Wine as a Medicine by Philip Norrie MD (in Australia). Drink well and take care.

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