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Wine Club Member Testimonials

“My husband Mike and I never understood why join a wine club as we saw it as just another bill. Now I understand....every time we pick up our wine we are so pleasantly surprised, but beyond that...we have a place we are welcomed, celebrated over, and always look forward to visiting. The tastings are amazing, the atmosphere welcoming, and the wine is high quality.”

Amy & Mike A.

“The best present we received for our 2016 wedding was a
gift card to Wine Republic! Within 60 seconds of walking through the doors, though, we realized we couldn't have been more mistaken. RJ's enthusiasm about wine and his complete lack of pretension (okay, and his goofy humor) won us over, and Patti's warmth, patience, and perspectives sealed the deal.
We left the shop with five bottles of wine and a membership to the wine club. Since then we've learned SO MUCH about wines from all over the world–developed a much deeper appreciation of wines, and connected with a new and lively community.”

Martha M. and Matt G.

You and RJ have created such a bright spot in Excelsior for those of us who love good wine, good people, and good earth. My thanks to both of you for being champions in this respect…..and for being just plain wonderful people!!!”

Lou D.