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Wine Republic is the result of a labor of love over the last 10 years. Patti Judalena, a graphic designer for 20 years, wanted to do something else and that something else was open up a retail wine shop. She had her heart set to locate a shop near Grand Marais, MN but after meeting her husband RJ and the birth of their little girl, Excelsior, MN became the home for the shop.

Patti enrolled in the International Sommelier Guild wine program and earned Levels I & II Certificates while RJ has started his wine journey with the Court of Master Sommeliers. RJ & Patti now do the wine buying together and the best part of that job is bringing in products we know our customers will love.

Wine Republic offers only wines that are sustainable, organic or biodynamic. We look forward to working with our customers and learning their palates while continuing to grow the best organic wine club in the world!

The Real Wine Republic is a Wine Store, specializing in natural, organic and biodynamic wines. We offer different Wines Coming from different parts of the world like France, Germany, Austria, Chile and more..

We believe that “Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages.”

Our focus is on being more conscious of the provenance of the products we stock, we have made the decision to focus of small, independent producers that create their wines with limited intervention to the natural process.

We hope you love our Wines. Please send us photos of you and your While Drinking our wine products. They provide us with inspiration, and maybe shared on our social media channels (with your permission). ~ The Real Wine Republic Team

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